2001 TNNAC West Tennessee Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/westtnnominees.txt)


1. Mrs. Evangeline "Van" Lynch

Tribal Ancestry:  Full Blooded Choctaw

Federally Recognized:  Yes, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Organizational membership/s:  Indigenous Womens Network, Honor Our
Neighbors Right's and Origins, Church Women United, Inc., TEA/NEA,  NAIA in

Employment:  Retired classroom teacher of 30 years
self employed:  Giving presentations to schools, teacher workshops,
conferences and churches on Native American cultures

Education:  BS, Bethel College, McKenzie, TN;  Special Education degree,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois;  continued teacher
certification, UTM

Native American Involvement:  Participate in Choctaw nation's political
Summer volunteer work with Choctaw church youth camps
Summer volunteer work with Lakota Sioux, Pine Ridge, SD
Participate in Indigenous Women's Network Conferences and workshops
Support work of Honor,  NA Rights Fund, Burial and Repatreation issues
through legislative efforts
Write Policy Statements? Resolutions for  Church Women United on NA issues
Past keynote speaker at NA observances and PowWows
Storyteller at PowWows
Presently doing lectures and presentations for schools, churches,
conferences, retreats and workshops

What do you feel like you can offer the Native American people of Tennessee
as a Indian Commissioner?

I Offer my commitment to all my relations by continuing to educate the
general public about our own rich diverse tribal heritage and to impact the
educational system's lack of accurate information regarding our history as
I have done for the past thirty years.

I Offer my knowledge and continued interest in the struggles and issues of
all my relations and to work for our common good.

I Offer my belief in the power on unified voices for I have experienced the
feeling of"aloneness" in struggling to be heard in the educational system,
in the political arena, and in the religion institution, and I know how it
feels to be overwhelmed with our own tribal struggles.

I Offer my belief that all of us coming from a wide range of tribal
diversity can agree to disagree and still work together and still affirm
each other's gifts, for I have experienced working with people of diverse
cultures and backgrounds who forged ourselves into one strong voice to work
for change.

I Offer my belief in tribal sovereignty that allows us to define who we are
and to determine our own agenda and how we accomplish our goals.

I Offer my commitment to reviving the Tennessee Commission on Indian
Affairs that would allow tribal voices in Tennessee an appropriate avenue
from which to work for all concerned.

Finally, I Offer my commitment to carry on the legacy left by our
Ancestors-  using the power of our words honestly and honorably, sharing in
the struggles and strength of our tribal nations, and caring for one
another and paying honor and respect to our Creator.

Van Lynch, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma,  08/25/01

Comments:  I have known Mrs. Van Lynch for many years, and she is highly
Respected in the Indian Communities.  If she elected it would be a Big Plus
for the Commission!   John Lone Eagle


2. Bonnie Redbird Feather


3. Teresa Horn

City:  Saulsbury, TN

Tribal Ancestry:  Cherokee/ white

Federal or State Recognition:  No

Organizational Membership/s:  NAIA/Far Away Cherokee since it was founded.
I am now the 2nd Vice-President

Employment:  Housewife.  Beadworker and Crafter for over 14 years.

Education:  High School Diploma

Native American Involvement:  I have been involved with the NAIA/Far  Away
Cherokee since it has began.  I have been a protestor for saving the Mound
in Memphis and other areas. Also have been involved in trying to free
Leonard Peltier.  Working on trying to get further information out for
Native American Month and Day.  Native Crafter for over 14 years, and also
push for teaching of the Traditional Ways of my people in schools and in
public when possible.  I am thoroughly against the pillaging of Burial
Mounds and Sacred Sites.

What do you feel you can offer the Native American people of Tennessee as
an Indian Commissioner?

     I am more than willing to serve the Native American People of TN.
Have supported the NAIA/ Far Away Cherokee in Memphis since they were
founded.  I have and always will work for the empowerment and education for
my people and for the Native American Children yet to come.  I am a
believer in making sure our Heritage is not Forgotten.  Our Ancestors
Graves and Mounds should not be disturbed nor should they be looted in the
name of research.  I will also fight for the return of our Ancestors Bones
and Burial objects.  Will fight for the cause until we have the rights of
our Ancestors Graves as other graves.  Will push for the Education of our
Adults and the Children of the Native American People of Tennessee.  It is
very important to teach our Heritage and ways of our Ancestors, and will
also push for the Higher Education of today's world for further generations
or our people.  We need to make sure there is a Future in Tennessee for the
Generations to come.  I have and will always offer Total support for the
Native American People of Tennessee.


4. John Lone Eagle


other delegates:

5. Sarah Contrell

6. David James

7. Richelle Powell

8. Suzan Chasteen

9. Barry Daniel

10. Scott Moss

11. Norman Clayton

12. Donna Bivens

13. Jason Montgomery

14. Chris Donvan

15. Lynn Clayton