2001 TNNAC Nashville Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/westtnnominees.txt)


1. Edna Fay 
address:  661 Windellwood Circle
city:  Smyrna       zip:  37167

tribal ancestry:  Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian
federal or state recognition:  federal
organizational membership/s:  Native American Indian Association of TN
(NAIA), Nashville, TN

employment:  United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.(USET), Nashville, TN

'58-'66 Ripley Elementary School, Ripley, TN
'66-'70 Choctaw Central High School, Philadelphia, MS
'92-'97 Dyersburg State Community College (part-time classes),
            Dyersburg, TN
'97-'01 Middle TN State University, Murfreesboro, TN
           Currently, seeking Associate Degree in Elementary Education
            and to continue for Bachelor Degree in Business

Native American involvement:
Member of Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Philadelphia, MS
'86-'01 NAIA volunteer/staff
            '91-'94 Project Smoke Signal Bilingual Coordinator,
            '94-'98 Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Case Manager,
            '98-'99 Homeless No More Case Manager.

 '91-'97 American Indian Association, Ripley, TN
             member, serve as secretary and president

 '95-97 Memphis PowWow Association;
            Registration chair and Board Member

	Volunteer for NAIA as office manager, pow-wow co-ordinator 
and membership chair.
	Employed with USET whose purpose is providing a forum for the
exchange of information ideas among the USET Tribes, and, provide a 
vehicle which allows these to jointly receive contracts and grants 
from federal and state agencies, as well as the private sector.

What do you feel you can offer the Native American people of Tennessee
as an Indian Commissioner?

I offer the knowledge of working with Native American people in the state
of Tennessee and other tribal areas.  In my years of involvement with
the Native Americans of Tennessee I heard the issues they have and I
have felt there is some solutions to this.  I knew I could not do it
alone or one organizations cannot do it alone.  Now, that we are coming
together to work for our people I want to offer my skills of experience.  
Working with others and their skills, we can find solutions.


2. Patrick Cummins
Tribal affiliation:  Cherokee/White

Age:  37, married, wife Debbie, two Children,

Home:  Nashville, TN.

Education:  A.A. Degree in Mortuary Science,
Certified by the National Funeral Service Examining Board of the United States

Occupation:  Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer


I first became involved in the Tennessee Native American Community in 1996
after joining the Alliance For Native American Indian Rights of Tennessee.
It was then that I became very aware of how much desecration was being
committed against our ancestors. I realized how much had to be done in
regard to protecting our sacred sites from development and looting, and
felt an obligation to try and do something about the State of Tennessee's
disregard for our spiritual beliefs.  I was elected to the Advisory Board
of the Alliance in 1997 where I served one term.  I was elected President
of the Alliance in 1998, and currently serving in my third term as leader
of the organization. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to
learn so much through the friendships and experience of others who have
preceded me in this organization and office.

I believe strongly in the education of others who know little or nothing
about Native culture. Because of that, I have been involved at no cost, in
educational exhibition dancing as a Northern Traditional Dancer for many
school groups, Scouting, and other events for approximately four years.
 Only by enlightening those who don't understand, can we ever hope to
change the future.  I have worked closely with numerous people from other
Native organizations within the community and understand the concerns and
hopes that are shared by most of us from across the state.

I have been very active in the Kellytown Court cases that involve many
others besides myself.  I have first hand experience in working closely
with the attorneys who represent us, and have a very
real understanding of the legal complexities involved in standing up for
our rights as Indian people.

I am a founding member of the "Honor the Ancestors Festival" planning
committee that has become an annual Middle Tennessee fundraising
Festival/Pow Wow sponsored by the Alliance and the Tanasi Ma'tera
Indigenous Circle.  Monies raised goes towards legal expense funds for the
court cases that we continue to take part in.

I recognize the need for the state's acknowledgement of our educational,
economic, social and cultural concerns and also realize that we in
the Native community can work together for the benefit of us all.  I feel a
very strong attachment to my ancestry and care deeply about our past, as
well as our future.  I see the need for strong representation for the
Indian People of the state Of Tennessee and understand that we have much to
overcome and work for in enriching the lives of our people and in educating
non Indians about our culture.  I have committed much of my life over the
past six years to the struggle for the preservation of our sacred sites.  I
would be proud to serve the Native American People of the state in any way
possible if elected to the Commission of Indian Affairs.  I am very honored
that I was nominated for this position and would serve the people with
heartfelt pride.


Patrick Cummins


3. Mike Mangrum
address:  P. O. Box 574
city:  Dickson            zip:  37056
phone:  (615) 740-7954        email:  meteloaf@aol.com

tribal ancestry:  Chickasaw
     federally recognized?  pending
   organizational membership:  none

employment:  Director of Purchasing, Jackson Academy, Dickson, TN
education:  college, 1 year

Native American involvement:  Head singer-Bull Run Singers; Fundamental in
bringing about changes in previous Commission (approx. 3-years ago); active
in protesting desecration of Native American graves; meetings w/Thela
Harper to bring about change and establishment of a new Commission.

What do you feel you can offer the Native American people of Tennessee as
an Indian Commissioner:
    I would like to see the body of TN Nativie Americans unite and grow
stronger as a voting power.
    A primary goal of mine is to raise funds for:  educational scholarships;
aid to displaced Native American families in TN; lectures and/or retreats
facilitated by Native American spiritual leaders from around the country;;
and a Native American park and spiritual center built on the 60-acres
across the river from Mound Bottom in Cheatham County.  Thes funds would be
raised via the establishment of a State Native American license plate,
proceeds from state-funded Pow-Wows, donations received thru the Mound
Bottom Spiritual center and private parties, etc.
    In closing, I would like to say that all Native American people-whether
federally recognized or not-should be treated with equal respect and all
voices carry equal weight in decisions to better the Native American way.
By doing this, maybe we will be able to grow beyond the disagreements and
in-fighting which has plagued our people for years, and slowed the progress
and growth of our Indian Nation.

Thank you,
Michael Mangrum


4. Sandra (Sandi) Perry
Address: Hermitage, TN

Tribal Ancestry: Creek/Seminole descent
Organizational memberships: Alliance for Native American Indian Rights-board 
member,Tanasi Matera-VP,Native American Education Association of Middle 
Tennessee-VP and educational director.

Employment: Metro-Nashville Public Schools-Teacher-Jere Baxter Alternative 
Education: MA-Education/History-Troy State University

Native American Involvement: Active member of the Alliance for almost 10 
years-served as secretary,am presently on the board of directors-am 
coordinator for student day for powwow. I am one of the founders of Tanasi 
Matera which was created to generate funds for lawyers fees on the suits 
over grave desecration-named in the suit against TDOT in the Davidson County 
Kelly site case.I have been deeply involved in Leonard Peltier Defense 
activities for years-have organized and taken part in several protests,both 
locally and in Washington,DC. I helped organize the Native American 
Education Association-created to provide educational programs concerning 
Native American cultures. I am also a part of the singing group Ulisi-we try 
to carry the message of unity among our people through our music.

I believe that my involvement in the Native American community in Middle 
Tennessee at several levels,as well as the dedicaton that I bring to all 
endeavors in the community will bring that perspective to the commission.

Being  of mixed ancestry,I know first-hand of the unique concerns that those 
of mixed ancestry face as a part of the Native American community and within 
the majority culture.

My involvement in protest activities concerning grave desecration,and the 
wrongful imprisonment of Leonard Peltier and others has given me the 
opportunity to work closely with brothers and sisters of "fuller blood". We 
have worked side by side in harmony for the concerns that face all Native 
American people in this state.

I proudly stand in support of unity among our people and I bring that into 
all that I undertake.

One of my greatest concerns is that we educate people to respect our 
traditions and I will continue to work toward this goal.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Perry


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