2001 TNNAC Middle Tennessee Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/middletnnominees.txt)


1. David Teat

Tribal: Cherokee

Organization: Aniyunweya Nation

Employment: Architectural Detailer & Artist

Education: 2 yr. Business Technology College, Huntsville, Alabama
	L.U.T.C.F. Degree in Insurance from American College
	Advanced Training in Drafting and AutoCAD from Tennessee Tech Center

Native Involvement: Actively involved with the Aniyunweya Nation for the
past 5 years. I have actively supported causes such as fighting Burial Site
Desecration and attending the T.C.I.A. Sunset hearings and meetings. I
worked with Napot for a short time on development of a Native American
Cultural center. I have worked with the Aniyunweya sponsored Tennessee
Eagle Awards. Presently working on the Coordinating Committee for TNAC.
Most important of all, I continuously study and seek to learn about our
true history, our Cultures, and improve my spiritual growth.

What can you offer?
    If selected to serve, I will do all I can to be accessible to the
people in the Area I am appointed to. I will take the time to listen to
their concerns. I will do my best to be fair to all of the American Indian
Community in Tennessee. I will strive to be informed on the issues with
which we are confronted. I will strive to learn about the laws and
regulations that pertain to those issues. I will stand for what is right. I
will stand against any agency and/or any individual who seeks to divide,
cheat, and disrespect our community.
 I pledge honesty. I pledge Respect. I will try to be tactful and
diplomatic at all times for the sake of the American Indian Community in
this State. I will not be-little or verbally bash any brother and/or Sister
who may disagree with my point of view on issues. (Especially in public) I
have learned that not everyone who disagrees with me is my enemy! I will
strive to display the integrity and dignity of our Ancestors at all times.
Let it be known: I will agree to serve only because I have been asked to do
so. I do not seek this appointment on my own behalf.

Nomination made by:
Cathy Fire Cat Stewart


3. Anita Prevatte

Tribal: Lumbee


Employment: Currently a Realtor in Murfreesboro

Education: B.S. from M.T.S.U. - majored in Public relations - 
	minors in Business Administration and Women’s studies
	A.S. (emphasis on communication) from Motlow State Comm. College

Native Involvement:
     My Father is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe. Occasionally
attend Native American functions with him. I was made aware of the Tn.
Legislatures bid to end the T.C.I.A.. I phoned and e-mailed to make my
voice heard.

What can you offer?
   I feel I have several things to offer the Native American people of
Tennessee. My professional and personal experience can be put to use to
enhance the Native Americans of Tennessee.
    Ethical and fair dealing with people has been part of my real estate
training. My real estate experience also includes much contract writing and
some negotiations. I have some dealing with RPAC. ( the Realtors political
Action Committee) This committee has a strong presence in the Tennessee
House when Realtors rights are being abused. The Native Americans need a
more visible presence when their needs are being voted on in the house. I
can talk and give a speech occasionally if motivated.
    On a personal level I know that Native American groups, many times are
lacking. I have had a struggle to overcome something’s myself. Health care
(short term and extended) housing, educational and social benefits are all
issues that face Native Americans as a whole. I know about many different
housing programs. I am somewhat familiar with Tn. Care/ Medicare/ Medicaid
programs. Many educational grant/ award programs are familiar to me also.


Nominated by: Cathy Fire Cat Stewart


3. Ben Clough

Tribal: Cherokee


Education: High School. College Student - Columbia State

Native Involvement:

What can you offer?
   As a Commissioner I feel I can keep Indian Affairs a top priority. As a
Teenager I can help bring about more involvement of younger people to help
secure the future of Native Americans in Tennessee. I feel without
involvement of the younger generations that eventually the Native Americans
traditions and pride will die out in this state.
  As a College student I have more free time to donate to the Indian
Affairs. Since this is an effort to rebuild the T.C.I.A. involvement of
more members is necessary and I believe I can bring more people in to get
involved. The more people involved will make the Government realize that we
are a major group to be dealt with.


Nominated by: Miss. Beth Belew


other delegates:

5. Doris Trevino

6. Vicky Garland

7. Floyd Ayers

8. Cathy Stewart

9. Beth Belew

10. Tina Mote

11. Jesse Garland

12. John Barnes

13. Cheryl Prevatte

14. Nancy Brown

15. Frank Prevatte

16. Michelle Britt