2001 TNNAC Memphis Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/westtnnominees.txt)


1. John "Ravenhawk" Cornelius
Ellendale, Tennessee
email:  Jonh7777@msn.com

Over Hill Nation of Cherokee Descendents
We do not want  state or federal recognition
Chief, Long Hair Clan of West TN, Over Hill Nation of Cherokee Descendents

Empl:  Outside Sales Representative, Porter Paints
High School Education, 10 yrs practicing Lakota spiritual ceremonies, some 

10 yrs with Memphis Sundancers and the Sacred Hoop Group.  Practicing Lakota 
spiritual ceremonies with the Santee Tribe and the medicine man Earl Swift 
Hawk of the Rosebud Reservation.  Currently the Chief of the Long Hair Clan 
of West TN, a clan of the Over Hill Nation of Cherokee Descendents.  The 
Principal Chief currently is Man Many Trees.

As Indian Commissioner I can offer and promote recognition of and the rights 
of Indians and Indian descendents to pursue cultural, religious and spiritual 
traditions considered by them to be sacred and meaningful.  I will 
communicate with Tennessee's Indian communities to bring fairness and make 
sure their voice is heard.  My main goal will be to bring local, state, and 
federal governments to understand the needs and interests of the Native 
Americans in TN.  Also, to help provide for and protect Indians as needed, to 
prevent undue hardships and unfair treatment of Indians due to their beliefs 
and culture.  I have no set personal interests, I just want the Native 
Americans to be treated with respect and dignity.

As Indian Commissioner I will be open-minded and fair to our people and let 
the Creator guide my actions.
(nomination, Dawn Spirit Feather French, seconded by Brad Spirit Wolf French)


2. Jack G. Phillips
Bartlett, TN
email:  jgphllps@memphis.edu

Southern Cherokee, North Carolina, enrolled membership

Retired state construction administrator
Memphis State University courses 
State Tech / fed. gov. construction

Organizer(?) of Tenn. Asso. for over 50 years, graves protection for 
(priorities?, sorry having trouble reading handwriting on this...Judy)
Nashville NAIA
Advisor to North Carolina Southern Cherokee  and enrollment...


3. Cubert Bell, Jr.
Memphis, TN

Mississippi Band of Choctaws

Empl:  Federal Express Corp 
Chucalissa Museum

Graduated from Raleigh-Egypt H.S. 1993

I am the head man dancer for the West Tennessee Indian Social Dancers.  I 
have been working with the youth in West TN by teaching and keeping our 
traditions alive.


4. Ruth Knight Allen
Memphis, TN
email:  Longwlker@aol.com

Mother - Choctaw, Father - Cherokee, Tenn. Roll number 011

Founding member Far Away Cherokee Assoc/NAIA - Memphis, 
founding member AIA - Millington, Kateri Tekakwitha Circle of the River, 
Memphis Pow Wow Assoc. (dormant), Native American representative with Diocese 
of Memphis.

Empl:  Girl Scout Council of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN

High School, vocational emergency medical tech., national registry - 
ambulance and instructor EMTNR-A

*Commissioner (Indian Position) on previous TCIA 1983-90, and secretary 
during that time.  Responsible for drafting and finalizing the "Recognition 
Criteria of Native Americans in Tenn." over a six year period while on the 
*Six years on the National Governors' Indian Council and secretary for the 
last two of those years.
*Serve on the Delta Initiatives Steering Committee and responsible for "the 
Native American Heritage Route" chosen for the Delta initiatives.

I believe I will add experience and knowledge to the new structure of the 
Commission.  I listen and make myself available to those who need, but I also 
have strength when strength is needed.  Those who have known of my 
involvements trust my judgement to stand up for the rights of the Native 
American people at home and elsewhere.  It is also known that I have contacts 
and check out people and situations where there are questions on authenticity 
and or traditions.  I am detail-oriented and know the need for accurate and 
timely records.  I believe that communication among all of us is essential to 
the success of this venture.


other delegates:

5. John Stabley

6. John Smith

7. Jessie Vowell

8. Alice Henry

9. Mike Maxey

10. April Cornelius

11. Brad French

12. David Booker

13. Dawn French

14. Kay Akins

15. Helen Wagner