Tennessee Native American Convention
to democratically elect representatives from the Native American community
to represent Native American interests in and to the State of Tennessee.
check out the new Proposed TN Commission of Indian Affairs website:

2003 TNNAC schedule:

commissioner nominations: open 24 may 2003. close 26 july 2003
delegates' nominations - (tabled)

caucuses: saturday, 23 august 2003 7pm ET, 6pm CT

Convention: saturday & sunday, 20-21 september 2003
                   Pinson Mounds, south of Jackson, West TN

  • saturday, 20 september, 10 am - registration (socializing, politicking)
    2 pm - convention begins : nominees' introductions & panels
    6 pm - end


  • sunday, 21 september, 9 am - convention : business meeting
    2 pm - end
2001 TNNAConvention: saturday, 22 september Old Stone Fort Park, Manchester
for delegates elected from caucuses, including Indian Commissioner nominees

approved: 2001 TNNAC Convention: "A Broader Commission" 5-year, 10-committee plan for the new Proposed Commission
("A Broader Commission" in printable .pdf format)

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Proposed TN Commission of Indian Affairs Advisory Council


Memphis Caucus :
West Tennessee Caucus :
Nashville Caucus :
Middle Tennessee Caucus :
Chattanooga Area Caucus :
East Tennessee Caucus :

Convention Agenda in .pdf format

TNNAC Caucuses: saturday, 25 august - Results below.
Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, West TN, Middle TN, East TN
7pm Eastern, 6pm Central
open to all Tennessee residents age 16 and older

2001 TNNAC Caucus Results:
click on graphic to view text of results for copying&pasting into a spreadsheet format.
2001 TNNAC Caucus Results:

TN Native American Convention caucuses - regions & divisions

  • Nomination of four (4) regional representatives to the Proposed state Commission of Indian Affairs.
  • Election of ten to fifteen (10-15) delegates to the state TNAC convention in September.
West Tennessee Caucus :
1. Mrs. Evangeline Van Lynch
2. Bonnie Redbird James
3. Teresa Horn
4. John Lone Eagle
Memphis Caucus :
1. John Cornelius
2. Jack Phillips
3. Cubert Bell Jr
4. Ruth Allen
Middle Tennessee Caucus :
1. David Teat
2. Anita Prevatte
3. Ben Clough
Nashville Caucus :
1. Edna Fay
2. Pat Cummins
3. Mike Mangrum
4. Sandi Perry
East Tennessee Caucus :
1. Morning Dove Austin
2. White Raven Fairall
3. Growling Bear Godsey
4. Jack Love Heart Johnson
Chattanooga Area Caucus :
1. John Anderson
2. tom kunesh
3. Pat Fawcett
4. Alva Crowe

Knoxville Area Caucus :
1. Terry Ellenwood
2. John Hedgecoth
3. Tommy Veal
4. James Yellow Eagle


Open to all Tennessee residents age 16 or older.

download area caucus notices: download Adobe Acrobat Reader here

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city: zip:
phone: email:

tribal ancestry:
      state or federal recognition:
organizational membership/s:
Native American involvement:

What do you feel you can offer the
Native American people of Tennessee
as an Indian commissioner?
(Please reply in essay form with a
minimum of 150, maximum 250 words)


nomination made by:
seconded by:

  • TNNAC sample
    caucus ballots

    Samples of the sheet that
    contains the two ballots
    that will be used at
    the TNNAC caucuses.

    Up to 11 persons will
    be elected to join the
    caucus nominees as
    delegates to the state

________________________ Caucus
Tennessee Native American Convention
Nominations for TN Indian Affairs Commissioners

-Ballot 1-

Vote for four (4) Commissioner Nominees
Must be residents of Tennessee and
at least 16 years of age.

ballot number: ________

________________________ Caucus
Tennessee Native American Convention
Nominations for Convention Delegates

-Ballot 2-

Vote for Eleven (11) Convention Delegates
Must be residents of Tennessee and
at least 16 years of age.

ballot number: ________

other docs:

text of Senate Bill 41 / House Bill 1617 under consideration

Current Status of HB1617 re. the TCIA:
TNNAC rules as specified in SB41 & HB1617

TCIA Purposes and Duties as specified in SB41 & HB1617

TN Attorney General's informal opinion on the validity of requiring
"blood lineage"/quantum as a requirement for Indian commissioner

useful Tennessee maps


2003 Coordinating Committee 2001 2003 assts.
Memphis Cubert Bell Sr Alice Henry John Smith
West TN Teresa Horn Bonnie James Sarah Cantrell
Nashville Edna Fay April Weller Kristal Bramel
Middle TN Vicky Garland Vicky Garland Floyd Ayers
Chattanooga tom kunesh Don Hoff Bob Newman
East TN Man Many Trees Man Many Trees Kelley Henley
Knoxville David Teat Archie Russ (resigned) John Hedgecoth