2001 TNNAC East Tennessee Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/westtnnominees.txt)


1. Morning Dove, Trudy Austin
address:  Morgan County
phone: email:  TAAustin@Highland.net

tribal ancestry: Cherokee verified, Chippewa and Crow, oral family history

state or federal recognition:  Member of the Overhill Nation of Cherokee

organizational membership/s:
  * Board Member 3 years, Presently serving as secretary Housing
Development Corporation Of Clinch Valley, Not for Profit, Oak Ridge, TN
 * Humane Society of Morgan County, Not for Profit
 * Chestnut Ridge Garden Club, co-founder
 * Community Coalition for Safe Homes, Not for Profit
 * Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities - 1983

* Retired military (Army) Captain - 1995.  Enlisted 1974.
* Morgan County Commissioner, elected 1998, 4 year term, Emergency Services
* Court advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault victims with
Batttered Women Inc, Crossville Tennessee and volunteer group facilitator

 1983 BA Sociology/Anthropology, Cum Laude, University of Tennessee -
 1993 graduate of Combined Arms Staff and Services School (CAS3), 
 1998 Graduate of Upper Cumberland Master Gardeners course, 
 2001 Neighborhood Reinvestment training - using the Community Development
Block Grant

 Native American involvement:
 * Native American Heritage Association
 * Overhill Nation High Court Member
 * Running Strong for Amerian Indian Youth (Billy Mills organization)
 * Native American College Fund contributor

 What do you feel you can offer the Native American people of Tennessee as
 an Indian commissioner?
If I had to select only one goal as a commissioner,it will be to advocate
for the replacement of Andrew Jackson on U.S. currency.  When considering
that Mr. Jackson is a "native son" of Tennessee, I realize this is no easy
task.  Displaying him in such a conspicuous/honorable manner, I find
insulting to all Native Peoples, especially those involved in the Trail of
Tears.  Helping the dominant society comprehend this insult is a
significant and worthy goal.  
Supporting and encouraging all Native Americans in Tennessee to study the
"Good Red Road" is another priority.  

comments:  Wado


2. White Raven Fairrall

My non-Indian name is Craig Fairall.  My true name is White Raven.  
I live in Morgan county TN. where I pastor three churches.  
Education: BFA- Broadcasting, University Cincinnati; 
MDiv-University Dubuque Theological Seminary.  
Member of the Over-Hill Nation of Cherokee Descendents where I am
the Medicine Man.  
I lived 4 yrs. on reservations with the Dakota People in
South and North Dakota.  I have an adopted family there and carry a Canupa
Wakan, Sacred Pipe.  My concerns are health and social issues; preserving
the traditions; saving the sacred sights and returning artifacts and
remains; State recognition of tribes and Indian organizations in TN.  I can
be e-mailed at cfairall@nxs.net

White Raven Fairall


3. Growling Bear Godsey 


4. Love Heart Johnson 


other delegates:

5. Brave Heart Scott

6. Stone Spirit Bull

7. Mountain Bear Slater

8. Black Horse Neal

9. Sky Hawk Budds

10. White Hawk Thompson

11. Kelly Henley

12. Man Many Trees

13. Bear Claw

14. Morning Song

15. Tall Bear Mayo