2001 TNNAC Chattanooga Caucus  nominees
(also available at http://www.tnnac.org/chattanooganominees.txt)


1. John W. Anderson
2104 - 12th Street
Chattanooga TN 37404
423. 627.7364  

Iroquois / Ojibwe  2450112101 - Tuscarora (1121)
member: Chattanooga Indigenous Research Center & Library
	Chattanooga InterTribal Association

employment: Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Substance Abuse Counselor

education: accumulated 138 hours - University of TN - Chattanooga

NA involvement: Co-founder of the Chattanooga InterTribal Association;
actively participates in addressing local issues including: protection,
preservation of Moccasin Bend site, Rattlesnake Springs site, Lake
Nick-A-Jack site, became familiar with local officials, civic organizations
sharing similar concerns.
Co-founder of the Chattanooga Indigenous Research Center & Library.

Resident of Tennessee for 16 years.
I am a very adaptable, flexible, patient & willing candidate. I would be
loyal to the collective cause of all Indian people. I am familiar with the
majority of local organizations & hope to provide more resources (upon
availability) to allow each person or group to achieve their highest
It is this initial group's responsibility to develop & implement the most
representative of Tennessee's Indian population. All opinions deserve to be

nominated by Patricia Spotted Eagle Fawcett
seconded by Ronald A. Williams [not present. seconded by several others


2. tom kunesh
box 1063
Chattanooga TN 37401
423. 624.3380  <tpkunesh@chattanooga.net>

Hunkpapa Lakota / mother: registered Standing Rock Sioux
member: Chattanooga InterTribal Association (CITA), Chattanooga Indigenous
Resource Center & Library (CIRCL), TN Native American Convention (TNNAC)
Coordinating Committee

employment: adjunct professor, Spanish, Dept. of Foreign Languages,
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
instructor, Native American religions, UTC, Chattanooga State

education: B.A. Spanish, University of Minnesota 1982; M.Div. Starr King
School for the Ministry, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley 1988; M.A.
Religious Studies, University of Minnesota 1990; Russian & Farsi linguist,
U.S. Navy, 1976-80

NA involvement:  1972 - joined the American Indian Movement in Minnesota,
currently AIM webmaster - www.aimovement.org
1993 - joined Chattanooga InterTribal Association (CITA), served as its
Public Relations Committee chairperson - current, and on its council since
1997 - helped create the Sacred Little Cedar Mountain Defense Coalition,
organized marches, helped stop its development as a resort
2000 - helped organize "Save the Bend" marches
met w/Historical Preservation/NAGPRA Committee, Five Civilized Tribes
InterTribal Council
2000 - helped organize the TN Native American Convention, founding member
1999-2001 - taught courses at UTC & Chatt State on Native American religions

In 1995 CITA composed a report on the necessary steps to save Moccasin Bend
from development and submitted it to the TN Commission of Indian Affairs.
In 1998 CITA asked the TN Commission of Indian Affairs to speak out in
favor of saving Little Cedar Mountain from development. CITA also put forth
John Anderson's nomination to the governor for the position of Indian
Commissioner. Nothing ever happened to these requests.  For the past three
years i have been a critic of the TN Commission of Indian Affairs in hopes
that it would, at some point in time, start helping Indian people and
especially start _communicating_ with Indian people around the state. When
it became obvious that the Commission was both dying from within and being
actively killed from without, several of us gathered together to begin
thinking and planning for the future: a Commission elected by Indian
people, representative of Indian people, and acting with the support of
Native American people from across the state.
As a local activist i can offer the Native American people eight years of
activist experience at the local, regional and state levels, the same
dedication i've committed to the Chattanooga InterTribal Association,
saving Moccasin Bend, saving Little Cedar Mountain, to the Chattanooga
Indigenous Resource Center & Library, and in being a principal organizer --
along with many others -- of the Tennessee Native American Convention and
these caucuses. I am committed to improving communication with NAs &
organizations across the state. I am committed to saving NA cultural sites
from development. I am committed to state recognition of tribes, especially
the historical tribes that occupied this land and were "removed". And i am
committed to working with federally-recognized tribes and USET to improve
communication with NA people & organizations in Tennessee.

nomination by John Anderson
seconded by Cleata Wade Townsend


3. Patricia Spotted Eagle Fawcett
8404 Water Tower Road
Ooltewah TN 37363
423. 344.0756   <buffalowoman1952@hotmail.com>

Ojibwe / Lac Courte Oreilles, Wisconsin ID#2473
member: CIRCL [Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center & Library]

employment: Hamilton Co. Schools;
Krystal Aviation - work on Matt's airplanes (cleaning)

education: B.S. Elem. Ed./Sociology Wis.;
medical office procedures - Urban League

NA involvement:  In my substitute teaching I come across many young people
who have the right to learn the Native peoples culture. I attend pow wows.
I am a member of CIRCL, I cook frybread for our [1x]. My children all have
their Native names. I hunted w/ my bro & sis as a child. Respect nature
every day.

Residency: 6 years Tenn.
As Indian Commissioner for Tennessee, I feel I can put into words what the
Native people are feeling. I can question the respect of large companies as
to their environmental impact. I can speak for  the various tribes (in
their meanings) with regards to education, medical needs, and social
I am not afraid of striving for the benefit of our Native aim.  It is good
to know right from wrong in today's world, but better to feel the Creator's
works in native people. We are all here to help each other. There are
reasons for everything but we need to respect and communicate for the
benefit of the Earth, with Spiritual significance.

nomination by Ronald A. Williams
seconded by John Anderson


4. Alva Crowe
1155 McDonald Drive
Chattanooga TN 37421
423. 892.6346

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Federal Enrollment
Tennessee Trail of Tears Association, Catoosa Historical Society, 
Cultural Liaison with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians for SE Tennessee

employment: retired ironworker
education: finished 2 years of college (Bacone Jr. College, Muscogee OK)

nominated by Charlie Faircloth
seconded by Brian Davis

A new Beginning.


other delegates:

5. Don Hoff [was tied with Alva Crowe prior to a run-off ballot] -
Tlingit/Tsimpian & white, Ketchikan Indian Corporation, Alaska

6. Ron 'Two Dogs' Williams - Ojibwe/Anishinabe [from Wisconsin]

7. Jess Hair - United Keetoowah Band, Oklahoma [Cherokee language teacher
in Chattanooga]

8. Mark Caldwell

9. Cleata Townsend

10. Dan Green*

11. Bob Newman*

12. Susan Parks

13. Red Bear Bolen*

14. Diane Caldwell

15. David Walker

* unable to attend TNNAConvention due to prior commitment to Rossville GA pow-wow.